Are You Being Robbed On Cryptocurrency Spreads?

TradeProofer’s industry index on a 5 week average shows that the average spread is:

$29.915 on Bitcoin (BTC/USD)
$4.214 on Ethereum (ETH/USD)
$2.132 on Bitcoin Cash (BCH/USD)
$1.287 on Dash (DSH/USD)
$0.006 on Cardano (ADA/USD)

Despite digital assets being rapidly adopted there are still extremely large discrepancies between how brokers price the new asset class.

Most brokers tend to charge a spread that is less than $50 per bitcoin, however other brokers have extortionate spreads, and predatory margining rates.

On Bitcoin for example the tightest weekly spread average TradeProofer recorded last week was $13.10, however the maximum spread was a whopping $140.05.

Of the 32 brokers TradeProofer records BTC pricing from, 6 brokers had a weekly spread average of over $50 and 3 had spreads of over $100.

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