Building An Automated Trading System With No Coding - The Next Big Thing?

Just yesterday I had the pleasure of building my first automated trading system. I’ve never coded anything before in my life, and I can still say that I haven’t. So how have I managed to build an automated trading system?

Robot Forex Trading

Through TradeProofer I have the pleasure of keeping up to date with what’s going on in the world of Forex Brokers, and EightCap has been making waves lately. When I saw EightCap counting down to a new feature I was naturally intrigued — were they going to start offering a new suite of tradable products? It turns out it was something else, and something far, far better…

EightCap’s countdown was to launch their partnership with provides a coding free solution to creating automated trading systems. I had tried a few competitor code-free automation solutions previously without much luck; most of these systems overcomplicated the process. With that in mind I was quite pessimistic about this solution, but nevertheless decided to give it a try. 

Building An Automated Trading System

Within 5 minutes of signing in to through EightCap I’d successfully developed a (very simple) trading algorithm and back tested it. Unfortunately he back test results of the system were quite disappointing. Overall the experience of building the trading system left me amazed. Defining trade entry and exit criteria with was seamless. Back tests were performed at the click of a button, giving some useful performance analytics. Cloning, tweaking, and duplicating the strategy was very easy. I haven’t yet activated the strategy in live markets, however look forward to seeing how the software performs live.

Back Testing Results From is a great software for forex brokers to attract new clients, enhance existing clients trading, and increase their traded volumes. Having built my new system I’m already anticipating testing the system live with EightCap, and excited about the experience. 

A critique I have of is the back testing capability is limited. If the user could select a date range for their back testing results it would improve the user experience significantly.

Now that I’ve built a system it will be interesting to see the trade execution quality using .  I’ll look to have an EA built programmed with the same criteria. Using TradeProofer’s MT4 software I’ll compare the execution across the EA and the Capitalise software. It will be interesting seeing if there is an execution quality difference between the two automated systems. Exciting times!

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