How To Download Install And Run TradeProofer’s MT4 software

  1. Download The Software From Your Client Portal In
TradeProofer Client Portal

2. Open The Download File
You should see the installer screen as below. Click next to get started.

TradeProofer’s MT4 Software Installer

3. Confirm Your Email Address (So that the MT4 Software syncs with your TradeProofer Client Account).

Confirm your email address to sync MT4 plugin with

4. Select The MT4 Terminals you want to install TradeProofer on (or hit select all!)

Select the MT4 terminals to install TradeProofer to.

5. Congratulations! You’ve now got the EA in your MT4. Now lets activate it.

Success! TradeProofer has been Installed.

6. Open MT4 And follow the steps below to allow the software to work.
Go to Tools > Options (top left corner).

Inside the Metatrader 4 Terminal.

Go to Expert Advisors > Allow Automated Trading. Allow DLL Imports. Allow WebRequest for listed URL and add this URL:
Hit ok.

7. Activate The EA On A Chart
In the navigator tab go to Expert Advisors > Double Click On TradeProofer. Ensure in the “commons” tab of the Expert Advisor start that automated trading, DLL imports and web requested URLS are allowed. Start the TradeProofer software.

Activating the MT4 software.

8. Enjoy Having Your Slippage Monitored and Reported In The Portal!
Your chart will show the TradeProofer background, and shows that we’re monitoring your trades for slippage.

TradeProofer Monitors your Slippage.

Head to and go to the client portal. You can see trade reports, slippage reports and more!

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