Is Your Broker Slipping Trades More Than Normal?

Slippage is the when a trade is opened at a price that is different from the requested price. This can occur due to lack of liquidity in the markets, or because of high volatility. Slippage can negatively impact your trading P/L, so it is important to be aware of when it happens.

TradeProofer’s proprietary software monitors your trade execution, and gives you detailed execution reports with our AFTR-Trade technology. Join our community for free to find out for yourself!

So How Much Slippage Is Normal?

TradeProofer has found that on average high quality forex brokers will have 80% of trades executed fairly, leaving 20% of trades with significant slippage. You can find out how many of your trades have slippage by joining TradeProofer’s community and installing our free Expert Advisor in your MT4. If more than 25% of your trades have outlier trade execution it may be time to move to a new forex broker!

TradeProofer’s Recommended brokers all have high quality execution.

Inside the TradeProofer portal members are able to find individual trade reports, detailing their execution against their brokers’ spreads, and the general market spread. This is a great tool to monitor trade execution and also to analyse execution timing!

TradeProofer Trade Report

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