Identifying a forex trend is hard, we know. TradeProofer has previously sought to only provide trade execution analysis rather than trade ideas, however the demand we’ve had to add tools to traders arsenals has been overwhelming! Over the coming weeks and months TradeProofer will be publishing a series of unique expert advisors and indicators!


Before you trade these expert advisors in a live environment it is absolutely essential that you perform strategy testing in MT4 and test the expert advisors in a demo trading environment. This will let you form your own idea about how the expert advisors operate, and the basics of what they do. 

What TradeProofer Trend Tank Does

The TradeProofer Trend Tank expert advisor aims to capture the trend at times when momentum is extremely strong. It does this by buying when the stochastic trades above a certain level and price is above both the SAR and Moving Average, or alternatively by selling when the stochastic trades below a set level and price is below the SAR and Moving Average.

The Expert Advisor inputs are:
Stop the Stop Loss (SL) attached to orders.
Target – the Target Price (TP) attached to orders.
Lots – the lot / contract size for trades. 1.00 is equal to 100,000 units of currency.
Stochtoplevel – The level the stochastic must be above for buy trades to be opened.
Stochbotlevel – The level the stochastic must be under for sell trades to be opened.
Movingperiod – The desired period for the moving average.
Reversedirection – This is a true or false input. When set to true this will reverse the trade direction, selling when the expert would usually buy, and buying when it would usually sell.
Magic – This is a unique identifier for this expert advisor. If you are running expert advisors ensure that the magic number is different for each.

Trend Tank Strategy Testing Results

We conducted a testing period from 1 January 2018 to 1 January 2022. Over this 4-year period the expert showed slow and consistent gains with minimal drawdown. We believe that with optimising this expert advisor shows a great deal of promise, hence are happy to share it with our community. 

Start Date: 1 January, 2018
End Date:
1 January, 2022
Starting Balance: $10,000
Closing Balance: $26,722
Win Rate: 56%
Maximal Drawdown: 21.03%
Timeframe: 4H Chart
Symbol: Tested on EUR/USD

During the period the expert advisor closed each year with a return of:

42.5%36.4%40.1%– 0.59%
The Y.o.Y returns of the expert, based upon the previous years closing balance.
Back testing shows slow yet consistent gains, with periods of ranging equity.

Example Trades of the Expert Advisor:

Why Use The TradeProofer EA as well as Trend Tank?

Having high quality trade execution is critical to the Trend Tank’s profitability and impacts the trade strategy’s bottom line. TradeProofer’s original expert advisor lets you analyse your trade execution against your broker’s spreads and the general markets’ pricing. The expert has helped traders, proprietary trading desks, and hedge funds to improve their bottom line!

An example of TradeProofer’s trade analysis. See that this trade was executed higher than the brokers spread prices!

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