TradeProofer’s Best Broker For Execution

Currently TradeProofer’s best execution broker is Fusion Markets on their Zero account. Fusion Markets is an ASIC regulated forex broker that offers multi-asset trading across 170+ different products.

TradeProofer data shows that Fusion Markets has executed an outstanding 95% of trades inline with their spreads. This means that only 5% of trades executed had slippage on them.

To put that in perspective, TradeProofer finds that most good forex brokers have up to 25% of trades with outlier slippage.

TradeProofer Execution Analysis by Broker

What Is Slippage?

At TradeProofer we know that not all brokers are created equal, and the quality of trade execution can vary significantly from broker to broker.

Slippage is the when a trade is opened at a price that is different from the requested price. This can occur due to lack of liquidity in the markets, or because of high volatility. Slippage can be both positive and negative on your trading P/L, however is typically negative.

TradeProofer’s proprietary technology gives detailed analysis of your trade execution. Discover our AFTR-Trade Technology for yourself; it’s free to use!

TradeProofer After Trade Report

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